Asia industrial furnance is a high-tech enterprise integrating manufacturing, sales, service as one, mainly engaged in technology equipment, manufacturing and service of equipments.

Asia industrial furnance has consistently been a global leader in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment.

The company's main products are: industrial furnace, crucible furnace, heat treatment furnace, billet reheating furnace, rotary furnace, Lead melting rotary furnace, industrial burner etc.

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Vaccum Metal Transfer Laddle

Vaccum Metal

Transfer Laddle

Vaccum metal transfer laddle sing exceptional quality materials and spares, these Chamber Furnace guarantee glitch free performance.

Rotary Valve For

Bag House Filter

Rotary valve Bag House Filter for used in the production of various electronic components, metal products and other workpieces.

Straight Aluminium

Ingot Conveyor

We manufacture this superior range of Aluminium using the premium grade steel and other raw materials that are unsurpassed in quality.

Water Washing Machine Tray

For Jorba Segrigation

The horizontal air flow provides uniform heating, and the blower fans ensure transfer and proper circulation of the heat.